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    We are delighted that PAM COX will be sharing her tremendous talents and practical knowledge and skills with pastels and mixed media at La Salle for the 4th year.

    Pam's teaching style is relaxed and encouraging.

 Through demonstrations, experimental workshops with textures and effects obtained with colour, layering and mark making, Pam aims to develop confidence, skills and individuality in students of all levels. All presented and carried out with endless enthusiasm and humour making for a memorable holiday with lasting results which enables students to develop independently.

    Pam was born into a family of artists. She is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Devon and Cornwall which surround her and more recently by the undulating landscape of south west France. Light and mood play a large part in her paintings where she captures the splendour of the ever changing seasons. Pam paints her atmospheric landscapes continuously from her cottage in Devon and exhibits around the South West selling her work to buyers in the UK and abroad.


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   KEITH and CLAIRE BENGE. Keith, began a career in engineering design, producing  artists impressions of proposed structures to be presented to the Royal Society of Arts. He began painting regularly in both oil and pastel as a result of his association with Gregory and Janet Davies. 

    He has exhibited in London and abroad and together with his wife Claire, former teacher and co owner of the Mayfield Gallery in Sheffield, they present workshops on the techniques of pastel painting, experimenting with various media and textures including, watercolour, ink and guache.  Keith's architectural background shows in his expert use of perspective and composition. His subject matter varies, from landscape to café or street scene while Claire paints small intimate corners of the landscape exploring effects of colour and light.   Visit;


    COURSE DATES WITH PAM and KEITH     2nd - 9th September 2017  £590 -£690 per person


 GREGORY WELLMAN   'PAINT YOUR SPIRIT FREE'   Acrylic, Pastels, Oil and Watercolour.

      20th -  30th June 2018      (10 nights)

 Gregory Wellman, a UK based, self taught artist and tutor, has been a commissioned artist for 25 years. He works mostly in acrylics and pastels but also enjoys oils and watercolour work. His friendly, inclusive and humorous approach has been enjoyed by many art societies and groups in the U.K., and in 2013 he led his own ten day art safari in Tanzania.

"I began demonstrating and leading workshops 10 years ago after many requests. As soon as I realised that all I need do is share my experience and technique with others, instructing became a rewarding and thrilling experience. I make it a point when I am instructing to find out what it is that people want to develop, and show them practical  techniques they will understand and use in current and future work." 

Having worked with people of all ages and abilities, Gregory has a knack of getting on people's wavelength. "It's important to recognise what people want from a tutor, whether it's a reassuring presence, a guide and advisor or a step by step teacher. I adapt to my fellow artist's needs.

I'm very much looking forward to coming to South West France in June!"

A member of the SAA, Gregory has demonstrated at shows in Bristol and London, and his painting has taken him to the USA, Africa and New Zealand, where he painted on location at the movie set for The Hobbit, magazine articles including Art in Devon and International Artist. His paintings have been exhibited in London and patrons include Sir Kenneth Branagh. He was featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (2013) and took part in Landscape Artist of the Year (2015).

    COURSE DATES   20 - 30th June 2018       £890. - £990. per person 

  Facebook: Gregory Wellman Artist

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I am also a member of Artists for Conservation and work can be seen at





        Donna has lived in the French Midi Pyrenees for 31 years where she has developed her art and exhibited widely throughout the South of France. She has taught a weekly art class in oils and water colour from her studio in the Gascony countryside for several years and tutored painting retreats in Provence.

'I would welcome all levels and aim to form a group where individual needs are addressed, where we can learn for ourselves and from each other and encourage debate and criticism.

I will structure the week as is possible time permitting, to cover basic drawing skills, composition, colour mixing and technique(s). I will try to cover many of the issues relating to ‘plein air ’painting and also look at, working from outside and in the studio: note taking and working from and with a sketch book.

When you sign-up for a painting week it is always useful to me to know what you hope to have help with, be it a lot, or just time and guidance. I will send a materials list too, mostly to avoid you bringing unnecessary things. Also my personal email if you wish to ask specific things or generally discuss your reservations.

I hope you will join us, on what could be, part of your exciting journey in the world of Art.'

  to see more of Donna's work see

             1 - 8th July                      £590 - £690 /Person



   19 - 24th AUGUST   Something new for 2018  'PAINTING and PILATES for mind, body and soul' with Artist JILL WHALEY and Pilates instructor HELEN FENTON.                                       

      This 5 night stay in August will combine daily sessions of both painting and Pilates and is suitable for all levels. A 2 hour relaxation session in the local Thermal Spa is also included plus visits to many nearby places of interest. See itinerary page for a full description.

      Pilates is a physical and mental conditioning that can enhance your physical strength, flexibility and co-ordination as well as reduce stress, improve mental focus and foster an improved sense of well-being. It is therefore an excellent accompaniment to artistic expression. Pilates can be for anyone and everyone.

        This year we will be pleased to offer client centered Pilates workshops as part of our retreat program.

        Using the skills of a UK trained Pilates practitioner, our aim is to weave this into our course offer as an additional option for guests.

         Sessions will be carefully designed to take into consideration the needs, fitness levels and expectations of guests with the aim of supporting the reflective and spiritual ethos of our painting holiday retreat.


     You can follow me, Jill Whaley, on Facebook 'Palettes de Gascogne' to see my work with photos and updates from our weekly art group which is held at La Salle.

                              19 - 24th August 2017    £590 /person