Painting Tutors

LIZ CHURTON    'Mixed media and digital art' 

                                Watercolour, Pastel, oil                       

        3 - 9 July 2020

                            £800 - £900 / Person 6 Nights

                                                         Places available

I studied Fine Art at Degree level back in the early 80's and worked as a community artist for a number of years until finally deciding that I needed a 'proper' job. Teaching beckoned and I spent the following 26 years in the profession. While pursuing a career in education, I always managed to make time to be creative in one way or another and managed to find a house with room for a studio. This has meant that I've been able over time to explore various subjects and styles of art making. I now, after taking early retirement, work full time as an artist. I'm also following a PhD in animation with Leeds Beckett University.


Subject Matter


In terms of subject matter, landscape painting has become a passion as it provides me with a good reason to be outside with nature. I make no apology for having a Romantic relationship the landscape.




In terms of media, I use various  mark making techniques. Drawing is at the centre of everything I do, whether I'm working with a pencil or pen on paper or with a stylus on a digital tablet. I work in both analogue and digital media and, for anyone interested in exploring drawing using an IPad, I will be incorporating this into my teaching.



I will be covering the following aspects of our practice both in the studio and out in the field:


Mark Making: We will look at various mark making techniques, including the use of pencils, ink, charcoal and pastels as well as water colour and oils (digital alternatives for those who are interested).


Drawing: I believe it’s important that we develop an awareness of what goes on in our brains as we draw, so I will be incorporating a psychological approach to drawing known as ‘drawing from the right side of the brain’.


Use of Colour :Whatever medium I use, colour is an important consideration and something worth focusing on in developing our practice. It can be used in different ways, both emotionally and as a spatial and perspective tool.


Using Digital Media: I have been incorporating the use of digital mark making techniques into my work over the last three years, mostly as a way of drawing when I don’t want to carry a lot of materials around. I will share my experience and experiments in this area with anyone who wants to know more about this medium of expression.

More information on me can be found on my Facebook page here or on my website here 


Artist and Tutor Kaye Parmenter

9 - 16 July 2020

   £850 - £950 /person / 7 nights     Fully booked

We are so looking forward to welcoming fabulous watercolour artist and tutor Kaye Parmenter to La Salle for her first visit in Summer 2020. We will be heading to some of the beautiful nearby towns and gardens, visiting a vibrant farmers market and be inspired by the local landscape which is at it's magnificent best, with rolling fields of Sunflowers all around us. We will be winetasting in a nearby Chateau and taking part in the 14th July celebrations in our local village. On our final evening, we will be wining and dining 'al fresco' at 'Chez Vous', our lively local restaurant. 

I am an artist based in the heart of the Somerset Levels and have 18 years experience with my much loved medium, watercolour.  I am self taught and a professional member of the Society of All Artists.   I really enjoy busy days, juggling working in the studio, supplying galleries and exhibitions and also holding both my own workshops in Somerton, together with traveling further afield to art groups and clubs.


The most common comment I receive from my students, keen to develop their own watercolour techniques,  is that “I would love to loosen up with my watercolours but, when I try, I end up with a mess”. I can help you with this.  There seems at times to be a huge number of ways that watercolour pigment can be applied to paper and this can lead to confusion and frustration.   During the week I hope to approach a variety of subjects with different methods, all with the aim of helping you relax and enjoy this lovely yet challenging medium.  I will give lots of demonstrations, alternating and exploring techniques. I will be with you to give help and guidance.  


Being resident for the week in the most beautiful of surroundings, we will draw inspiration from around us and have a fun and varied week enjoying and exploring watercolour.  






16 - 23 July and 24 - 31 July 2020   Places available

   £850 - £950 / person 7 nights

Breaking through limiting thoughts to help you reach your artistic potential.

Gregory demonstrates in acrylics but encourages artists to bring their preferred medium.
 Immerse yourself in the stunning countryside and beautiful villages close to La Salle, and build your confidence and painting skills while you do!

 A big welcome back for the 4th year to Gregory Wellman, a UK based, self taught artist and tutor who has been a commissioned artist for 25 years. He works mostly in acrylics and pastels but also enjoys oils and watercolour work. His friendly, inclusive and humorous approach has been enjoyed by many art societies and groups in the U.K., and in 2013 he led his own 10 day art safari in Tanzania.

"I began demonstrating and leading workshops 10 years ago after many requests. As soon as I realised that all I need do is share my experience and technique with others, instructing became a rewarding and thrilling experience. I make it a point when I am instructing to find out what it is that people want to develop, and show them practical  techniques they will understand and use in current and future work." 

Having worked with people of all ages and abilities, Gregory has a knack of getting on people's wavelength. "It's important to recognise what people want from a tutor, whether it's a reassuring presence, a guide and advisor or a step by step teacher. I adapt to my fellow artist's needs. I can’t wait to return to La Salle in the beautiful Gascony region of France, and look forward to meeting new artists whatever their level of skill or experience.

A member of the SAA, Gregory has demonstrated at shows in Bristol and London.  His painting has taken him to the USA, Africa and New Zealand, where he has painted on location at the movie set for The Hobbit.  Magazine articles including Art in Devon and International Artist. His paintings have been exhibited in London and patrons include Sir Kenneth Branagh. He was featured on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year (2013) and took part in Landscape Artist of the Year (2015).

You can follow Gregory on Facebook

He is also a member of Artists for Conservation and that work can be seen here


                1 - 8 SEPTEMBER 2020  (untutored)

     Please note, there is no formal tuition during this week.

  This 7 night painting holiday is planned to suit artists with some experience, who would like to come along and paint independently or alongside three professional painters, learning and sharing techniques and knowledge along the way. All three artists have expertise in pastel, oil and mixed media and to a lesser extent watercolour but guests are free to choose their own preferred medium.

We will be painting 'en plain air' in and around La Salle and St Puy, in the beautiful landscape of SW France, or in the spacious studio where easels, boards and jars are available for use.

We will be taking full advantage of the trips out to visit local markets, picturesque villages, gardens and exhibitions, all of which provide inspiration and plenty of opportunities for sketching and painting. 

 You can see more about Pam here and follow her on Facebook here   

  You can see more about Keith Benge and Claire Bainbridge here 

              £800 - £900 / person / 7 nights

 DAVID WILCOX   'Finding your voice'

    WATERCOLOUR   September  17 - 24 September 2020  

           Figurative, Dance, Landscape and Equestrian

              £850 - £950 / 7 Nights        Places available

A big 'bienvenue' to tutor David Wilcox for his second visit to La Salle at this beautiful time of year. Lots of fabulous Autumn colour in the landscape and perfect painting weather.

David has been a professional artist and teacher for over 30 years, with a wide range of subjects from landscapes to dancers. He studied at Bournville School of Art, then graduated with honours from Wolverhamton College of Art, finally gaining a P.G.C.E. with Distinction at Birmingham College of Art. More recently David has been collaborating with the Birmingham Royal Ballet producing images of 'The Dance' in both watercolour and acrylic paints. His well established teaching technique is based on demonstration and then encouragement for everyone to find their own personal “voice”, working either from photographs or responding to the landscape. 'Sharing the joy of looking and understanding through observation of how light and shade shape the way we see'. In constant demand from Art Societies for demonstrations and workshops David has wide experience of working with adults. Come and paint the beautiful landscape all around or beautiful dancers of the Birmingham Royal Ballet from photographs.

    Find out more about David here 

                                                                 Places available