Painting Tutors

NICKI SAUNDERS    23 - 30 April 2020  (week 1)   

                                           19 - 26 June 2020  (week 2)

     'WATERCOLOUR MAGIC and MIXED MEDIA'                            

 Includes inks and Brusho crystal techniques.

                              £850 - £950

We are so looking forward to welcoming artist Nicki, for another week of her fabulous and enthusiastic tuition in watercolour techniques. This year, we are particularly excited to be able to include in the itinerary of (week 1) a visit to the fabulous flower market in Fources which is held annually in Springtime and in (week 2)we will be spending the evening out to the spectacular 'Festival de Tango Argentin' which is held in our little village of Saint Puy. It is a truly magical night, where you can join in the Tango or be inspired by the dancers and ambiance. The countryside will be looking at it's best and of course the Sunflowers around La Salle coming into bloom around June.

I am a self-taught artist based in Norwich, Norfolk specialising in watercolour which I find can be seductively subtle yet exciting and eye catching. Early on in my painting career, I favoured flower painting. Being able to capture a likeness and radiance of a flower was inspiring and captivating to me.

 Over the years I have been drawn to many subjects and now find it hard to find a favourite theme. As my painting subjects have changed, so have my painting styles. Instinctively I am a detailed painter with some pieces almost achieving photographic realism but I also love the freedom of loose work which has an abstract feel to the finished work.

I have been painting for over 30 years and teaching through various means including private classes, one-day workshops, visiting art groups as a guest tutor and running local Adult Education Courses. I have the PTTLS teaching qualification.

Recently, I have experimented with inks and Brusho Crystals. Adding these mediums to watercolour paintings I find can create amazing results.

 I am delighted to be teaching here in France. The course content will be flexible and designed to meet the needs of the individual painters ensuring that beginners know where to start and advanced painters are developing their styles. Throughout the course, I will share my knowledge and experience to ensure you achieve your painting ambitions.   

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                              Places available



  Learn to paint from life in the 'Alla prima' manner, studio and 'plein air' including landscapes, floral, figurative and still life.

    5 - 12 May  2020     places available

         £850 - £950 / person / 7 nights


We are delighted to welcome Artist and Tutor, Alex Kelly who will be working from life, in this exciting painting week. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced artists and taking inspiration from all there is to offer in our beautiful region of Gascony. Alex's expert tuition and guidance, fabulous excursions, and wonderful food and wine combine to make for an unbeatable experience. Bienvenue! 

Alex currently lives and works in Birmingham, UK. In his college years he had a strong affinity for both science and art and initially followed a university degree in science but later decided to pursue an artistic career and consequently gained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in sculpture. He went on to set up a studio making ceramic sculpture, as well as teaching art at schools and community colleges. Currently he is developing a new body of work, primarily oil paintings in the alla prima manner.

Alex's work in oil is usually painted directly from life study. Alla prima, direct painting, usually wet-in-wet, is exciting and often surprising because one is often responding spontaneously but with great concentration on the subject. 

Alex will be sharing the passion and inspiration he finds in all kinds of subjects from flowers to landscape and still life. He feels that creating work starts with developing a sensitivity to the beauty present. Beauty means whatever moves, inspires, intrigues or is simply interesting enough to want to study more deeply. Most often it is the quality of light which inspires.

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    IAN LAYTON      4 - 11 June 2020  

                                                     'Inspired by light'    oil

       £850 - £950 / PERSON /7 NIGHTS  

 A big 'bienvenue' to artist and tutor Ian Layton who will be joining us in the beautiful month of June 2020, an inspirational time of year for painting at La Salle and further afield.

 Ian is a professional artist and tutor and is predominantly a 'plein air' oil painter, working in front of the subject in all seasons. Ian has drawn and painted for as long as he can remember. He has no formal training, but has been fortunate to have had exceptional mentors such as David Curtis, who he has painted with for over 30 years, and still does today.
 'I have taught and demonstrated at several Art Societies over the years, This year, 2019, I organised and ran a painting course in Spain for a week where I taught and demonstrated to 5 other artists.'
 He is also a 'founder member' and President of the "Northern boys', who are a group of 9 artists from the North of England, who meet, paint and socialise together on a regular basis. 'We arrange glorious expeditions to various places abroad and in the UK. We invite other artists to paint with us from time to time, Alex Kelly painted with the boys in London last year. 

Ian specialises in city/town scapes, landscapes and interiors. His teaching style is calm, friendly and inspiring. Ian has a strong belief that an artist has a responsibility to pass on his knowledge and skills and to help others see the world's complex forms in a simplified impressionistic way using shape, tone and colour .

 Ian has exhibited at many prestigious exhibitions including;

                                                The Royal Academy

                                                The New English Art Club

                                                The Royal Oil Institute

                                                 The Royal Society of British Painters

                                                 The Royal Society of Marine Artists


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  Places available

STUART WILLIAMS- Oil, acrylic   12 - 19 June 2020

'DISCOVER BETTER PAINTING' in Springtime at La Salle  

A big 'Bienvenue' to Artist Stuart Williams who will be sharing his knowledge and skills at this beautiful time of year in the South of France. Artists and nature lovers won't be disappointed with butterflies, bees and birdsong in the gardens providing inspiration and a wonderful itinerary awaiting. Come and join us for a fabulous week.

Stuart comes from a family of artists. He trained in illustration at the Slade, Byam Shaw School and Falmouth College of Art. He has an impressive portfolio of commissioned work to his credit with work for Terry Pratchett calendars two years running and book covers for Philip Pullman, Enid Blyton and many top publishers. 

His work in sculpture has lead to some important commissions for period design projects,  undertaking design, manufacture and installation.

His oil painting technique is exemplary, being able to replicate the styles of old masters or working in his own reflective and poetic style. 

Students can expect as much one to one time as is possible and will focus on aspects relating to the inner world of creating a painting. For example, keeping yourself motivated when all seems to be going a bit wrong. Looking at the relationship between the pallet and the painting, how to mix rich and more complex colours and generally finding out what the students are having trouble with and working towards lasting solutions to painting problems.

              £850 - 950 / person        Places available  


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  'How to see with Hannah'      Hannah Twine 

     26 June - 3 July 2020  

               £850 - £950 / person / 7 nights            

        watercolour, oil, soft pastel, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink.

   Hannah is a professional artist and tutor... exhibiting and selling her work in galleries and specialising in animal and human portrait commissions.  In addition to this, she runs regular workshops for adults across South West England.
 Hannah trained with Nicholas Beer, Senior instructor at the Charles Cecil Studios, in Florence, Italy. In addition to portrait works, Hannah often paints landscapes ‘en plein air’ enjoying the energy and spontaneity that painting outdoors offers.
'My teaching style is very friendly and designed to give confidence, offering plenty of one to one support.  I tend to specialise in 'living subjects' such as wildlife and animal and human portraiture, but I also cover Landscape subjects making this a diverse and interesting workshop. Learn valuable techniques to help you ‘see’ and transcribe the world around you more easily, enabling you to draw and paint ‘free hand’.  The skills you will learn are very versatile and can be applied to strengthen all areas of your art. Use of proportion, shape and colour, values and modeling, will all be covered whilst working on your individual chosen subjects.

You can work in the medium of your choice… Pencil, charcoal, coloured
pencil, pastel, oil and watercolour.

You can see more of Hannah's work here 

'A Sketchbook and linocut journey with Jane'

   Ink, crayon, watercolour, mixed media     

                                     25 September - 2 October 2020

A big 'Bienvenue' to Artist and Illustrator Jane who will take you on a sketchbook journey to some of the beautiful towns and villages nearby. She will show you techniques to draw and paint the architecture, markets, restaurants, people and landscape we visit, using a variety of media. (Linoprint will take place in the Studio)  

'I am an artist and Illustrator based in east London. I love drawing and have been doing it ever since I could hold a pencil. After completing a Foundation Course in York, I graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic (now University of Northumbria) with a BA (hons) in Graphic design and I moved down to London a few months later in 1985. Quite by chance I found myself working for the BBC Radio Times Magazine, as a temporary junior layout artist. As a would-be illustrator, my colleagues began to commission me to do illustrations for the magazine, quite often in wood engraving, linocut and scraperboard. This led eventually to a freelance illustration career that has lasted until the present day. My Previous clients include Marks and Spencer, Jamie Oliver, Ted Baker, Greenpeace and many others. I exhibit widely in Galleries, Cafes and shops around London.  

I currently run monthly linocut workshops for the staff at Facebook and they are proving to be very popular. I also run workshops in various other places on request. In my personal work, aside from the illustration, I have travelled widely, often going off with my rucksack, walking boots and sketchbooks for three months at a time, all over the world. These days I concentrate on Europe and the UK. I never go anywhere without at least a small sketchbook in my pocket. If I am away for more than a couple of days, I will pack a variety of sketchbooks and art materials, a box of watercolours and a few pens and brushes. To me there is nothing better than sitting sketching outside a cafe somewhere, with a nice coffee or cold beer, totally in the ‘zone’, with the sounds, smells and general ambiance of life going by, whether in a back street in Naples, or the beautiful countryside of South West France.  

To see more of Jane's work see or follow her on Facebook    here 

 £850 - £950/ Person / 7 Nights      Places available